Construction & Sale of Property

Construction and the sale of property in Montréal and the surrounding communities can be complicated, and most people choose to work with a lawyer to ensure that they are compliant with local and provincial regulations. As with any other time that contracts are involved in a transaction, it’s incredibly beneficial to work with a lawyer who is well versed in the law and who can help protect your rights.

Laws on the Construction and Sale of Property in Montréal

As a Montréal real estate lawyer, I am very familiar with the legal obligations you will incur during the construction and sale of property here. I assist my clients with several issues, including:

  • Reviewing and preparing contracts
  • Co-ownership and the law
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • Actions related to hypothecs
  • Actions related to latent defects

We can assist you whether you are a construction professional, a seller or a purchaser. We have provided many past clients with essential legal guidance and represented their best interests, and we can do the same for you.

Reviewing and Preparing Real Estate Contracts in Montréal

Contracts are legally binding agreements that require you and the other party to abide by certain rules and meet certain obligations. Most people are aware that they should never sign a contract without reading it thoroughly, but sometimes terms contained in contracts are confusing and vague. That’s why it’s important to work with a lawyer who has a keen eye for detail; one who can help ensure that the contract reflects exactly what you want it to reflect.

On the other end of the spectrum, preparing a real estate contract, whether it is for the construction or sale of any Montréal commercial property, is very complex. There are certain terms that the contract must contain and terms that it cannot contain. Because we have extensive experience with contracts under Montréal, Québec and Canadian law, we can prepare a custom real estate contract that protects your legal rights.

Interpretation of Real Estate Contracts

Contracts are often open to interpretation, and when you and the other party don’t see eye-to-eye, it helps to have a third party review the documents and ensure that everything is accurate. Our extensive experience in real estate contracts allows us to review current contracts and compare them to case law, past judgments and rulings to keep you on safe legal ground.

Actions Related to Hypothecs

When you have an issue related to a hypothec, whether it was created by agreement or by routine operation of law, we can help you resolve it. This is often applicable in real estate law when the creditor of a property makes an unjust claim, but there are other instances as well that may require you to seek legal representation.

Actions Related to Latent Defects in Real Estate Properties

When a manufacturer or a seller delivers a product, it is supposed to meet a specific set of standards. Unfortunately, sometimes latent defects are present in real estate properties – and occasionally, they are severe enough to prevent the use of a portion of the property. While most buyers accept a property as-is, there are some latent defects that may require legal resolution.

We are happy to represent clients who are dealing with actions related to latent defects. Whether you are the manufacturer or seller who was unaware of a building’s defects prior to sale or you have purchased a property with substantial defects, we can represent your interests in court.

The Montréal Real Estate Lawyer You Deserve

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