Real Estate

Real estate transactions can be complex on the surface; they can be a quagmire of paperwork and red tape once you dig a little deeper. Likewise, disputes about cancellation of transactions, the purchase price, damages suffered or hidden defects usually involve pitfalls that have to be dealt with carefully. Most people can benefit from working with a Montréal real estate lawyer who understands the entire spectrum of legal transactions and litigation, from commercial and residential leases to the construction and sale of property.

Working with a Montréal Real Estate Lawyer

As an experienced Montréal real estate lawyer, I can represent your interests in a wide variety of ways. Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, or anyone else who is involved in any type of real estate transaction in Montréal, you can count on us to advise you and protect your rights.

A Word on Montréal Real Estate Law

There are several reasons people choose to work with a Montréal real estate lawyer, including the need for case-specific legal advice on:

  • Commercial leases
  • Residential leases
  • The construction and sale of property
  • Co-ownership

Have you signed a promise to purchase? Perhaps you have recently purchased a property and discovered hidden defects; maybe you sold a property and received a demand letter. Whether you have to deal with a real estate broker, have issues about your undivided property or about your condominium, or experienced any of a wide range of other real estate issues, I can help. If you have questions about your rights, obligations or recourses, please call me at (514) 381-3064, EXT 204, so that we can discuss your situation.