Relationships with Authorities

Relationships with Governmental Authorities

Every business in Montréal needs to establish relationships with governmental authorities in order to be recognised as a legitimate operation. From business registration to the creation of annual reports for submission to the proper departments, I can help you prepare, complete and file all of the documentation you need to create a stable foundation for your business.

Becoming Established with a Montréal Business Lawyer’s Help

As a Montréal business lawyer with several years of experience, I can help ensure that you prepare your business for success. I know what documents must be prepared and filed, how to create accurate bylaws, resolutions and registers, and what your business needs to do each year to stay compliant with Québec laws and Canadian laws.

I can help your business in several areas, including:

  • Business registration
  • Incorporation of companies and nonprofit corporations
  • Organization of companies and nonprofit corporations
  • Preparation and update of minute books, such as bylaws, resolutions and registers
  • Annual reports, annual declarations, notices and more

It’s important that you start your business the right way, under the professional guidance of a Montréal business lawyer, so you are free to focus on growth and profits.

Business Registration

In many cases, businesses simply need to register before they can start selling goods or services. Because registering your business can be complicated, especially when it comes to determining who must file a declaration of registration and outlining your legal obligations each year, it’s best for most enterprises to work with a talented Montréal business lawyer who is familiar with the process.

Incorporation of Companies and Nonprofit Corporations

Incorporation of companies and nonprofit corporations requires extensive paperwork. Whether you need federal incorporation or provincial incorporation services, I can help. Filing the appropriate documents and ensuring that your business or nonprofit is set up properly is essential to your continued success.

Organization of Companies and Nonprofit Corporations

Many new businesses falter when it is time to organize, particularly when owners are unfamiliar with the intricacies of provincial and federal law. As an experienced Montréal business lawyer, I can draft and prepare bylaws, handle director and shareholder resolutions, and prepare corporate registries. I can also prepare and manage minute books, prepare share certificates and complete all other business-related tasks that are necessary for you to stay compliant with Québec laws and Canadian laws. I am proud to offer a wide range of similar services to nonprofit corporations.

Annual Reports, Declarations, Notices and More

Owning a business often requires the preparation and submission of annual reports, declarations and notices, as well as other documents that are essential to continuing operations in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I have extensive experience preparing professional documents that ensure you have met all of your legal obligations.

Ready to Establish Your Montréal Business?

When you’re starting a business in Montréal, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have filed the right paperwork with the right organizations. You want to focus on the excitement of starting a new venture, buildings something from the ground up and working toward a growing bottom line.

I can handle all of the legal aspects of your new business. Call me at (514) 381-3064, EXT 204, and discover how my extensive experience may help you.