Business Startup

Montréal Business Start-Up Lawyer

Where do you see your new business taking you within the next five years? Ten?

While you may have a wonderful idea that has unlimited potential, you need to build your business on the right foundation in order to be successful – and many start-up business owners miss vital cornerstones that end up costing them in the long run.

Unfortunately, not all fledgling businesses make it to the five-year mark. There are several stages of business development, and the first of those are among the most important.

That’s why you need a Montréal business start-up lawyer who understands the legal requirements, strategies and documentation that you need for the best foundation.

Legal Services for New Businesses in Montréal

As a new business owner, you may need only a few legal services or you may need many. I provide a full suite of legal services for new businesses, including:

  • Guidance in your choice of a business form
  • Acquisitions and sales
  • Preparation and review of letters of intent and offers
  • Due diligence in relation to acquisitions and sales
  • Negotiations, drafting contracts and reviewing agreements

A wise business owner knows that every point must be covered; a successful business owner covers them all.

Guidance in Your Choice of Business Form

Some business owners prefer to establish sole proprietorship, while others prefer partnerships and companies. Together, we’ll evaluate your business model and determine the best way to set up your new business.

Acquisition and Sales of Businesses

If you are considering purchasing an already-established business, or if you are selling your own established business, you will need to work with a lawyer who understands the intricacies of Canadian law and Québec law. No two business acquisitions or sales are identical; each has its own obstacles and benefits, and as an accomplished Montréal business lawyer, I can help you refine your expectations and make the right choice.

Preparation and Review of Letters of Intent and Offers

Whether you need to make your offer stand out among other interested parties or you are ready to take action, it pays to have an experienced business lawyer on your team.

Due Diligence in Relation to Acquisitions and Sales

As a potential investor, you have a lot to worry about – and it’s easy for minor details to escape your attention. You need a lawyer who can keep up with the fast pace of a solid acquisition without missing a thing. Likewise, if you are selling a business, you need a talented, experienced lawyer to ensure that your rights and your interests are protected from start to finish.

Negotiating, Drafting and Reviewing of Contracts and Agreements

Agreements can make or break a business, and that’s precisely why you need to work with a lawyer who will carefully review every document, contract and agreement. It’s not enough to read things over; instead, you need someone with a keen eye for detail and the ability to read “between the lines.”

Let’s Build Your Business’ Foundation Together

It pays to have a knowledgeable Montréal business lawyer on your team – one who puts your best interests first. Building a solid foundation is essential to your future success, and I can help you do that.

Call me at (514) 381-3064, EXT 204. I’ll help you make the right decisions from the beginning so that you can focus on the operational aspects of your business.