How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Montreal

The CBC reported that 4 in 10 marriages in Canada end in divorce. Few of us would be prepared for a divorce. If you need a divorce lawyer in Montreal it has to be someone who understands what kind of legal representation you need. Divorce is always difficult. When a couple finds it no longer feasible to stay in a relationship it is an emotional process, and the legal proceedings surrounding divorce are filled with challenges. You have to have the right kind of representation navigating a divorce. Separating your financial lives adds stress to a situation that has already exhausted many of those who face it. Some marriages are broken up over issues of infidelity, abuse, or an array of other issues that complicate a divorce even further. If you consider that children are often involved, and decisions over custody have to be resolved, it becomes clear how important it is to find a lawyer with the right temper and experience to help a client navigate the legal side of a divorce.

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What kind of Divorce

You need to consider what kind of divorce you want and how likely that is as an outcome. Do you want a divorce lawyer to help you with a divorce settlement with your spouse’s attorney or are you expecting litigation? What kind of divorce proceedings you anticipate should determine the way you evaluate the different kinds of cases each attorney has experience taking.

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Finding a divorce lawyer

The next step is knowing where to look for a divorce attorney that fits your needs. You want legal representation from a divorce lawyer in Montreal. Experience with family law cases within the local jurisdiction gives an attorney an instinctive grasp of the nuances involved with local law. The yellow pages can help you find an attorney that understands those nuances. Referrals from reputable associations like The Bar of Montreal are good way to find an attorney you can trust with the experience you need.

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Evaluating an attorney

Before you meet, ask them over the phone what kinds of cases they typically take. What types of clients have they had experience representing, and what are their rates? You might want to look at different websites that offer client reviews of the lawyers you are considering. When you talk with different attorneys, pay attention to your conversation with them. Do you feel like they are just telling you what you want to hear? How do they talk about other lawyers or clients? Do they respect the confidentiality of their other clients? Do they seem distracted and unable to make you a priority? If they can’t focus on you when they want your business, they won’t pay attention to your case when they have it. A final word of advice is to remember to stay focused on what you want out of this process? What is worth the effort and what isn’t? Keep that in mind, ask the right questions, and you can find a divorce attorney in Montreal that will offer you the kind of legal representation you need.