How can a Montreal Business Lawyer Help You?

A business has many aspects to it – from its inception to its ending. Many businesses have day-to-day issues dealing with corporate management, finance, suppliers to name a few. From the moment the idea of a business is born, a business lawyer’s services can be of crucial benefit to the business. There are many licenses required, apart from the process of obtaining capital, leasing spaces, contract drafting etc.

Why do I need a Business lawyer in Montreal?

montreal business lawyer

While drafting your business contract, there are many loopholes you may skim over as you will not be aware of certain details. You may be a sales wizard or great at creating innovative products and solutions, however when it comes to dealing with fine tuning the final details of your business, its best to have an expert on board. A good business lawyer in Montreal will ensure that you are shielded from all liabilities involving different business transactions from the beginning itself.

A business lawyer can assist you in the conversion of a business to a partnership, an LLC, a corporation or any other company. They will guide you in your rights and responsibilities as a business owner, and should any business dispute occur, they can help protect you and your interests, especially when dealing with external parties like clients, government agencies etc. If a breach of contract takes place, a business lawyer will be best able to advise you on your course of action and help you proceed to arbitration if necessary.

Over time, a business will eventually grow, and a business lawyer can help the owners take their business public with an initial public offering. If things go south for you, you can enlist the help of a business lawyer for full or partial sales of your business, in handling financial disputes and transactions and changes to the business model.

Each province has their own set of rules and licenses required to operate within, and Montreal is no different. In fact, as Montreal is very different from the rest of Canada in terms of languages, it may be best to have a business lawyer in your corner to help smooth things out so you can concentrate on running your business efficiently.

Montreal Business Lawyer Services:

business lawyer montreal

  • Business Formations and Internal Management: Forming ‘S’ corps for achieving tax savings, limited partnerships for owners to be only investors, protecting individual private assets.
  1. Business Incorporation
  2. Drafting Internal Agreements on communicating company’s management.
  3. Corporate Follow-up
  4. Annual Updates
  • Negotiating tough transactions: Dealing with complex developments in heavily regulated industries.
  1. Various contact drafting – Service Contracts, Shareholder’s Agreements, Lease Agreements, and Employment Contracts.
  2. Business transactions like Corporate dissolution, share sales and purchases
  • Avoiding Litigation: A business lawyer provides guidance for businesses to follow before any disputes can take place. They minimize the company’s exposure to litigation by structuring transactions in a certain way.

If you are planning on starting a new business venture, your success may depend upon the right business counsel you receive from its inception. Business lawyers will handle everything from simple sales agreements to mergers and acquisitions of all company formations. Their objective nature allows them to give valuable insight into all transactions and having the right legal maneuvering can save your company huge amounts of money.

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