Married Couples

While it may sound strange to call a divorce “successful,” it’s a fact that some people come out of a divorce happier, stronger and more resilient than they were before. That’s because their approaches are different from those of people who view divorce as a competition.

The fact is that divorce is something you both want to come out of with as little pain as possible. Most people don’t want to fight – they simply see it as their only option.

As a Montréal family law lawyer who understands that divorce can be a give-and-take scenario, with both parties coming out of it with what they feel they deserve, I can help you achieve a successful divorce.

A Montréal Family Law Lawyer Who Cares

In addition to divorce, I help married couples deal with issues related to:

  • Child custody and access rights
  • Child support and alimony
  • Estate and Will Disputes
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Parental authority
  • Separation

My extensive experience has taught me that people who need to work with a family law lawyer also need someone who treats them with the respect and dignity they deserve – and that is the cornerstone of our my belief system, so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands with me.

Child Custody and Access Rights

While many ex-couples choose to work out their own agreements about who spends time with children and when parenting time occurs, some cannot reach a fair agreement without intervention. Either way, I can offer guidance to help you come to fair and equitable terms with your former spouse to ensure that the focus remains where it should be: on the children and what is best for them. However, if a dispute erupts for change of custody, shared custody or visitation rights, I will fight for your rights and your children’s best interests.

Child Support and Alimony

During and after divorce, particularly when children are involved, money will most likely change hands between you and your ex-spouse. Canadian laws are very clear about children being entitled to financial support from both parents, and as a Montréal family law lawyer, I am very familiar with the entire child support process. Whether you are disputing child support amounts or you are navigating through the family courts for the first time, I can help ensure that your children receive the appropriate amount of support.

Alimony may also change hands during and after your divorce. In some cases, a non-working former spouse may be entitled to receive a monthly stipend for a set amount of time; in other cases, alimony will not apply and nobody will receive payments. Every case is unique, so I will carefully evaluate your situation and ensure that your financial situation is made clear before the court.

Estate and Will Disputes

In the unfortunate event that you must deal with a poorly planned estate, a will dispute or any other issue upon the death of a loved one, I can represent your rights and make sure you are protected by Québec law. Whether you are a beneficiary and your inheritance is being disputed or you are disputing someone else’s inheritance, I will fight on your behalf to ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are honored.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

A judgment or an arbitration award that was made outside of Québec needs to be recognized before it can be enforceable. In your case, this may apply to a divorce or some type of support that you were awarded in another country. If you need an out-of-province award of any type confirmed and validated, I can help ensure that happens.

Parental Authority

As a parent, you have a specific set of rights and obligations when it comes to making decisions for your children. In some cases, some or all parental authority is taken from a mother or father; this is an action that can only be ordered by a judge, and it’s considered deprivation of parental authority. As a Montréal family law lawyer, I understand that parental authority is a delicate subject and that it needs to be treated as such. Whether you are applying to have your ex-spouses parental authority removed or someone has applied to have yours revoked, I’ll fight for your rights and your children’s rights.


If you and your spouse choose to end your marriage, you must live “separate and apart” for one full year (with the exception of cases involving adultery or cruelty) in order to obtain a judgment of divorce. However, if you choose to remain married when living together is no longer possible, you might need to apply for separation only through the courts. This is called separation from bed and board. You do need to file paperwork and create a separation agreement that outlines the terms of your separation, including child custody and support, property division and more.

It’s usually advisable to have a Montréal family law lawyer draft your separation proceedings and agreement. Because there are very specific requirements a legally binding separation agreement must meet, it’s best to have someone who has extensive experience write it for you. It can be very difficult to enforce a separation agreement that you write yourself, so working with a lawyer now may help you avoid lengthy court battles and high legal fees later.

Do You Need a Montréal Family Law Lawyer?

I believe that your divorce, separation, or other family law-related case should be as simple and as painless as possible.

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